Status of Don Coyhis

For the past 25 years we have spent time building the Wellbriety movement and expanding the training of  White Bison throughout our Native communities in the US as well as Canada.

We have been evaluating my Purpose  in the Wellbriety Movement and where I can be most useful.  In 2008 we made a 7,000 mile historic journey to 25 boarding schools across the US, video taping the stories of those who attended.

We produced a documentary called, The Journey to Forgiveness. This journey started at Chemawa and ended at the Native American Indian Museum. On the way we gathered thousands of signatures, requesting President Obama to make an apology on behalf of the United States government for its role during the Boarding School era.   We have distributed over 10,000 DVD’s and have had more than 15,000 views on You Tube.

We are just beginning to fully understand the effects of the Intergenerational Trauma (Historical Trauma) and its connectedness to the present day social issues such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, violence, suicide, PTSD, domestic violence, etc.    We believe that the recognition by the government and the admission of the atrocities committed against Native People would greatly accelerate the healing of the Intergenerational Trauma issues and allow the healing of our people to take place.   We are asking for a apology similar to that which was given by the Canadian government to the First Nations People and by the Australian government to the Aboriginals.  The story of the boarding school era and the genocide of Native People must now be openly discussed and taught in our schools.

We are moving back to the Washingtom D.C area to dedicate the next two years to organize a major grassroots effort, working  with congress and the other National Native organizations to get the apology from the White House. We are not asking for a favor because a bill was passed on December 19, 2009 that authorized the President to make an apology to the Native people. What we would like is for the President to carry out what the bill requires and that is to issue a formal apology.

We will be opening a Wellbriety Advocacy office in D.C. area and help to Create a Native Voice and will communicate via facebook, blogs and twitter.

Wayne Records will be the Acting Executive Director of White Bison and I will remain as the Chairman of the Board. The Wellbriety Training Institute will continue to grow and expand the healing programs for our communities. We will need the support of everyone in all of our communities, churches,  reservations, urban Indian centers, Elders, prayers and encouragment. But, with the help of our Creator, we can succeed to get the apology.

The mover picked up the household goods today, and we will drive back most likely leaving on Sunday spet 23rd. stay tuned.


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