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Wellbriety Certified Treatment Centers


Want to become a Wellbriety Treatment Center? Brochure and Application

What does it mean to be a certified Wellbriety Treatment Center in the U.S. or Canada? Wellbriety means to be both sober and well. In general, certification means that an addictions treatment center is utilizing the principles, methods and resources of the Wellbriety approach to recovery in its day to day program for Native people. It means it is helping Native people find recovery from alcohol and drugs by using a cultural base. And then individuals may go beyond recovery to find wellness by returning to Native cultural roots.

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"The Inter-Tribal Wellness Center of Sheridan, Wyoming Makes History"

ITWC staff, and Don Coyhis, hold the Wellbriety Treatment Center certificate

Left to right: Ben Armentrout, Roy Shamblen, Kristin Yellow Robe, Don Coyhis, Cheryl Littlebird, Myron Littlebird, and George Littlehead

Certification Criteria:

  1. Employes at least one Native American national/state certified alcohol counselor;
  2. Provides access to at least one Native American Elder to advise and to conduct ceremonies;
  3. Employs sober staff working with Native American clients;
  4. Is trained by White Bison, Inc. to conduct trainings on Principles of the Wellbriety Movement, The Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps, Warrior Down/Returning to the Circle, Mending Broken Hearts, and other Wellbriety Trainings;
  5. Has engaged White Bison, Inc. to review processes, policies and procedures to ensure that Wellbriety criteria are met and to identify steps to correct any deficiency;
  6. Has demonstrated that staff working with Native Americans have demonstrated appropriate knowledge of Native American culture and values;
  7. Has incorporated Native traditional healing practices into treatment programs (smudging, pipe ceremony, sweat lodge, naming ceremony, healing ceremony, as appropriate for cultural needs);
  8. Had identified Wellbriety books, workbooks, and training resources that are used in programs for Native Americans and which are provided to Native clients as personal copies;
  9. Has agreed to document client progress and satisfaction (number of Native participants treated and still sober in follow up at 6 months and 1 year; consumer satisfaction surveys from Native Americans); and,
  10. Has acknowledged that the Certification is to be renewed yearly.


Cultural Teachings for Recovery



Wellbriety Center 001

Inter-Tribal Wellness Ctr

100 Decker Road

Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Phone: 307-750-2534

Director: Ben Armentrout

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