The Four directions of Forgiveness

forgiveness 1 (click on the word forgiveness for the graphic)The Elders explained to us that to hold past hurts….we keep ourself in a prison. the hurts done to many of our people in the boarding schoosl, are now being passed down generation to generation. this intergenerational hurt is behind the alcohol problems, the violence, the abuses and even the sucides. it is time we break the cycle of passing this on to our children and our grandchildren. they told us that our last test is going to be ….can we forgive…..even to forgive the unforgivable. there are 4 directions of forgiveness. in the east is the everyday forgiveness. then we say, I’m sorry.The Second forgiveness is in the south and is called the forgiveness of the unforgivable. this would be like violence, domestic abuse or sexual abuse. we do this type of forgiveness to free ourselves, doesn’t mean we make the offenders not be responsible for what they did, but we ask the creator to help us be free. The third forgiveness in the west is the forgiveness of yourself. Sometimes this is harder to do than the first two. You ever do something stupid during the day or night and the next day you are filled with reqret that won’t go away? maybe you try to keep it a secret and the secret eats away at you. maybe even wishing a thousand times that you had not done what you did. Help from the Creator often is the only hope to forgive self. there is one thing the Creator CANNOT do and that is to not help one of His children who asks for help. He/She must help by his own rules. the rule of love. there is a saying….Love thy neighbor as thyself…and that is the problem..most of us do. The Fourth forgiveness is when we forgive someone to set their spirit free. or it could be an institution like a church or the government. you ever have someone hurt you, you have forgiven them but they cannot look you in the eye? you do it to set their spirit free. You forgive even though they don’t derserve it. You forgive, anyway. When our children see us practicing forgiveness, they will do it also.



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