National Conference April 10-13 Healing the Hurt: Empowering the Family


On Thursday evening April 10, 2014 through Noon on April 13, White Bison will host our National Conference. We are excited to focus the healing of the intergenerational trauma and its connectedness to our current family social issues in Indian Country. New Programs, new information, and new recovery tools will be announced at this conference. Friday Morning we will honor NANACoA, the National Association for Native American Children of Alcoholics, an organization that was responsible for bringing our community secrets out in the open so the healing could begin. The story of NANACoA will be told and we will h0nor individuals who help get this movement going in Indian country.

Friday will focus on showing the impact of the treatment of 1000’s of children who attended the boarding school from  1879 through 1961, and how it connects to present day social issues in Indian country from alcoholism, violence, child abuse , sexual abuse and codependency behaviors. National speakers and experts will share information that can be taken back to the communities you represent.

Saturday, will focus on cultural based programs that can be implemented in your communities. The Four Directions teaching  tells us the natural order of healing: first the healing of the individual, then the family, then the community then the nation. The White Bison Trainers will present descriptions of our culturally based programs. These are used nationwide for the healing of our communities. We also will feature a program called Celebrating Families. this program is design to help parents who are in recovery to rebuild their families. We also will introduce coalition building strategies and a 5 year program for healing entire communities.

Sunday, the focus will be on building a vision for the future of Indian country. We will share the vison of the Wellbriety Movement and where it is going. We are entering a Time of Healing.

Those who register in February will receive a copy of the Red Road to Wellbriety in their conference package when they check in on April 10.


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