Breakout Sessions at the Gathering

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Making connections with old friends and meeting new ones is a significant part of the Wellbriety Gathering.   In addition to the Keynote Presentations there are a number of opportunities to interact, share ideas, and just visit! On Thursday night at 7pm, there will be a meet and greet in the Grand Ballroom 4 so you can catch up with folks you haven’t seen in a while.  Then, 7am on each morning of the Gathering, there will be 12 Step meeting in Grand Ballroom 4. On Friday morning, the Opening Ceremony with the Sacred Hoop will take place at 8:30 in Grand Ballroom 3&4. After that there will be a series of Keynote Presentations.

Exploring ideas together is a great way to process the information gleaned from each of the Keynotes.  On Friday, a Breakout Session follows the afternoon keynote.  Participants will disperse into four groups to explore experiences of Identifying and Surviving Trauma from the perspective of men, women, families, and the community.  Themes will be shared on flipcharts and then the facilitator from each group will present summaries of findings to the entire session.  These summaries will be recorded and posted on the website. The purpose of this session is to apply the knowledge from the keynote presentations earlier in the day.  On Friday night, a healing circle will be held to address issues about healing from intergenerational trauma and the effects of the boarding schools.  Breakout sessions will be led by members of the Wellbriety Institute Training staff.


Saturday, the breakout session will focus on the training resources provided by the Wellbriety Training Institute to help men, women, families, and communities thrive and heal from the effects of family dysfunction, addictions, and trauma.  These sessions will also be guided by the Wellbriety Institute Trainers.   Later, in the afternoon, a panel of Elders will reflect on the topics and issues. 


Saturday night will be a time of celebration as we all participate in the Wellbriety Powwow, featuring  J.Carlos Rivera and the Iron Mountain Singers Wellbriety Drum from California.

Don2(06)On Sunday morning, the focus is on the future of the Wellbriety Movement and the Advocay  efforts we are making in Washington DC. Following his Keynote, Don Coyhis, President of White Bison, will lead the entire group in developing a vision for a healthy community.  The goal here is to assist participants in applying their innate knowledge of healing to the information gathered over the past few days,  to developing a vision and strategies to help their own communities heal.

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