A Give Away for Native Women in Prison!


Women in Wellbriety_heart alone The Story of the Wellbriety Heart 

The Wisdom Keepers told us that A long time ago, the Creator came to Turtle Island and gathered the people together and said, I will divide you into 4 directions….Red to the East, Yellow to the South, Black to the West and White to the North. I am going to  give to each of the directions some original Teachings.  I will write these original Teachings in your heart. To the Red direction I will give you the teachings of the earth, the land, and the plants. To the Yellow direction I will write in your heart the original teachings of the air, the wind, the breath. To the Black direction I will give you the teachings of the water. To the White direction I will give you the teachings of the fire. Earth, wind, water and fire are the 4 elements of power. Then you are to travel through the cycles of time, gathering the wisdom of each of the teachings. When the healing time comes, the four directions must come together, sit in the circle and share their knowledge because in order to heal, the knowledge is needed from all four directions. 

In 1991 there was a meeting of Elders who told us we had entered the Healing Time. They called it the Coming Together Time.  It was now the time for the fulfillment of  prophecy.  As the Red, Yellow, Black, White started sitting in the circle, they discovered  the Creator did not make four races, but only one race: the human race.  When we are in the womb, the Creator gives to each of us our Earth Suit. Some suits are Red, some are Yellow, some are Black, and some are White.

The Wellbriety Movement has created the “Wellbriety Heart.”   This heart has the power of the four directions. Whoever wears it tells the world they love the children from the four directions as their own. It tells the world this wearer does not believe in four races; rather, that we are all relatives of the human race. The honor of one is the honor of all, the hurt of one is the hurt of all. The Wellbriety Heart is the key to the Recovery Movement. The person with the “Wellbriety Heart” cannot hide.   When you have it, you become very noticeable and visible.  You are like a fire at night time. People with Wellbriety Hearts exist among the Red, Yellow, Black and White. When you have the “Heart Light,” the Creator shines the light through you.

The Native American Women in Prison Give Away

We have developed a line of clothing that features the Wellbriety Heart.  Wellbriety Heart shirts, hoodies, and hats can be purchased from Coyhis Publishing.  The profit from the sales of these shirts will be give to White Bison to fund the training and healing of our Native Women in Prison. The  women will receive training and training materials at no cost. We hope that this program will help them start their healing in prison so that when they come home to their children and families they will never have to return to prison again. We will train 100 women in Shakopee Women’s Prison in Minnesota and 100 women in two prisons in Canada. Four trainings will be offered –Mending Broken Hearts, to heal the intergenerational trauma, Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps for Women, to heal from alcohol and other drugs, Mothers of Traditions, to help with parenting, and Warrior Down, the implementation of support groups.

We will also select three communities in Minnesota to implement the new Celebrating Families program so when the women are released from prison, a support group will be waiting for them.

Women in Wellbriety_1Each prison will form a circle of 100 women in prison called Women in Wellbriety.  Their commitment, when they return home, is to stop the flow of Native women to prison.

Please help us  provide our sisters, aunties, daughters, moms and grandmas with the support they need for their recovery journey. And help us provide the community support systems to stop the flow of Native women to prisons.

Please visit the Coyhis store at www.coyhispublishing.com/store to see the new products offered in support of these worthwhile programs.

If you want to join the list of supporters,  email us at womeninwellbriety@whitebison.org


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